Our biochemistry products encompass a wide range of diagnostic reagents and instruments used for analyzing biochemical markers in blood and other bodily fluids. This category includes clinical chemistry analyzers, reagent kits, and controls for assessing parameters such as glucose, cholesterol, and liver enzymes.


• Immunology diagnostics focus on detecting and measuring specific antibodies, antigens, and immune responses. Our immunology product range includes immunoassay kits, automated immunoanalyzers, and serology tests for diagnosing infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders, and allergies.


Microbiology products support the identification and characterization of microorganisms. We offer culture media, microbial identification systems, susceptibility testing kits, and molecular diagnostics tools for detecting bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.


Histopathology products aid in the examination of tissues and cells for disease diagnosis. We provide histology equipment, tissue processors, microtomes, and staining reagents for preparing and analyzing tissue sections.


Our cytology products include cell imaging systems, liquid-based cytology kits, and staining solutions for the detection of cancerous cells and infectious agents.

Urine Analysis

We offer urinalysis analyzers, dipstick tests, and urine sediment examination tools for comprehensive urine testing.

External Quality Control (QC)

External QC products are essential for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of diagnostic tests. We provide proficiency testing materials, reference materials, and quality control solutions to help clinical laboratories maintain high testing standards.

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